Jeff Løvaas

AMDP '13

Jeff Lovaas is the Chief Executive of Salus Companies, which he founded in 2007. Salus Healthcare Real Estate is a real estate consultancy advising and advocating for healthcare companies (clinical, pharma, & biosciences) in the transactional, build-to- suit and development process in the major Texas markets and around the United States. Salus Capital Partners is the company through which Salus, itself and through partnerships, trades real estate assets.

Going on 17 years of experience (second career), his expertise and distinguished reputation in the healthcare industries has led him to represent as clients two (2) of the three (3) largest U.S. health systems. Jeff serves on the board of several healthcare organizations.

Jeff is an alumnus of Harvard University, where he studied city planning and real estate strategy at the Graduate School of Design. He holds his alumni relationships close and currently serves as an Alumni Advisory Board Member of the Harvard Real Estate Board.