A native Dallasite, Reggie, launched his development career in 1983, buying the first of what would become a collection of 100-year-old commercial structures in a neglected area of downtown Dallas.  Specializing in the creative fusion that occurs as an older structure is adapted to modern needs and uses, his company, Maharger Development, has continued to focus on urban buildings, undertaking all aspects of each project from purchase, concept, design, construction, to lease negotiations and property management.

 In a once forgotten corner of downtown Dallas, Maharger Development has created a dynamic community of tech, advertising, and design firms. Through an appreciation of the original architecture juxtaposed with modern materials, new spatial relationships have been formed and an entirely contemporary ambiance has been created without sanitizing history.  This work has attracted critical attention and among other awards, received the Renaissance Award for his urban design work from the City of Dallas.

 The neighborhood now consists of 17 roughly 100 year old buildings on 4.2 contiguous acres.

Reggie has served on the Inside the Loop committee, DART Stakeholders committee, the GSD REAI Board, as well as other boards and organizations, and is currently on the GSD Alumni Council, and on HAREB.