Student information

Employment Information
As part of its student-facing mission, the Harvard Alumni Real Estate Board is committed to helping Harvard students interested in the study and practice of real estate obtain full-time or part-time employment and internships in the industry. Job and internship opportunities will be sent through school club list-serves. To be add to your schools list-serve please contact your HSREC Representative.

The Real Estate Eco-system
The real estate industry is comprised of a multitude of sectors and companies. To learn more about each of these sectors and examples of companies in each of these arenas, review the real estate eco-system.

Job Search Tools
Visit the Harvard's virtual alumni community
-Using filters and keywords, search the directory by industry, specialty, company, concentration, House, class year, and more
-Look for alumni with "Career Network" on their profiles or filter your search results by "Career Network only" to find alumni who have volunteered to talk about their career experiences with students and other alumni.

Compensation Information
To view compensation information, by title, in a variety of real estate sectors, please click here.